New machinery

Pallet unloading lines and machines

Unloading the product from the pallet for further processing

We design and build automatic pallet unloading machines for several different product types. For example, glass jars used in food production are delivered from the jar manufacturer to the production plant in layers stacked onto a pallet.

With a pallet unloading unit, the worker only has to transfer the unwrapped pallet to the unloading system. Full glass pallets can also be transferred automatically to the unloading machine with a conveyor. The cardboard or plastic interlayer removal manipulator of the unloading machine lifts the interlayer off the pallet and drops it onto a separate pallet. The unloading machine transfers the glass layer onto an intermediate level, while supporting it from all four sides. The unloading machine descends down to the glass jar unloading conveyor level and leaves the layer on the conveyor level. The unloading conveyor transfers the entire row of glass jars onto queuing conveyors. The queuing conveyor arranges the glass jars into a line on the filling line conveyor. The conveyor transfers the jars to the filling unit.

A pallet unloading machine saves time and makes production more efficient and stable.

Pallet unloading machine