New machinery

Filling and dispensing machines

Bucket filling lines

With automatic bucket filling and packing lines, the worker only has to fill up the tub and lid magazines and add a label roll. The containers are conveyed from an automatic unloading magazine to a filling station and on to a lid presser. The product pump fills the filling funnel and the piston filler fills up the containers arriving at the filling station. The filling machine can also be scale-controlled, whereby the filling amount is adjusted by weight.

Bucket filling line

Bottle and canister filling lines

Our bottle and canister filling lines are servo-operated filling lines that fill, cap and label canisters and bottles of different sizes. The size of the bottles or canisters to be filled can easily be changed by selecting the desired bottle or canister type from the control panel, whereby the filling capacity, straw lifting height and capping machine height are adjusted accordingly.

Canister filling line

Semi-automatic bottle, bucket and canister filling machines

With a semi-automatic machine, the worker sets a filling amount and an intermediate limit for the scale. The product to be filled is lifted under the filling head and the machine is started with the press of a button. The filling pump fills the container up to the intermediate limit, after which the pump slows down and the remainder of the filling operation is carried out with more precision. The worker places a lid onto the container and transfers it to the lid sealer, which presses the lid into place.

Semi-automatic bucket filling machine

Tub filling lines

The automatic tub filling line operates like the bucket filling line. The worker only has to fill up the tub and lid magazines. The difference is that the product is filled into a tub, which is carried out with volume or scale-controlled dispensing, depending on the properties of the product. After filling, the tubs are sealed with a lid and can be packed automatically onto a pallet.

Tub filling line